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1.These Terms of Use may be amended at any time. Users are advised to regularly review anyapplicable terms and conditions. If you do NOT agree to the amended Terms of Use, youshould stop using the service.

2. You must be at least 18 years old to use the Service.

3. The Service is provided "as is", its developers shall not guarantee any particular level ofquality of its work, or service availability, or its effectiveness as a method of foreign languagelearning.

4. The service has been developed as a tool for learning foreign languages​​; it shall not be usedfor any other purpose.

5. Any use of the service that goes beyond the possibilities offered by its user interface, withoutprior permission of the owner, is prohibited.

6. Some of the lessons posted on this site are based on the videos protected by the CopyrightAct and related rights. Their use is only possible within the framework of the provisions fornon-commercial use of copyrighted works for educational and cultural purposes (Article 1274 of the Civil Code , 17 USC § 107 , etc.). If the laws of your country do not provide for such use ofcopyrighted material, you shall not use these lessons.

7. The service allows registered users to create and host video lessons on the site. All materialsposted on the site shall meet the following conditions:

a) All video lessons shall comply with the provisions for legitimate non-commercial use ofcopyrighted works for educational purposes. For this reason, the size of all uploaded materials being under protection of law should not exceed the the one necessary and sufficient toachieve the objectives of the lesson, unless otherwise permitted by the copyright holder.

b) All materials shall be provided with an indication of the source of the original movie.(The title and the year of release).

c) Users shall never post videos of pornographic or erotic nature, as well as videos containing naturalistic scenes of cruelty and violence, extremist and insulting or racist remarks and statements, if those are not part of the artistic concept of the author of the original video.

8. Text messages posted on the site (comments, questions or personal messages) shallcomply with the general spirit of the Rules and shall not be used to publish or transmit offensiveor illegal content.

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10. The content posted on the website is subject to remove or edit without any prior notice or explanation.

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